We may be too busy in our lives in this fast-paced environment towards technological advancements that we never notice trifle things around us that are associated with sociology. Sociology is basically the science of social life. It describes different relationships among people, the family structure we prefer to live in and study of different cultures with different norms and traditions that evolved throughout the different eras. The superstitious believe that people still have in various tribes in Africa and India such as the belief in the concept of mana which states that any animal, plant or a human being can acquire special divine powers to manipulate other human beings or objects.

Sociology can help us in many ways. It can help us understand and evaluate different existing cultures in the world, their origins, and the languages are spoken in many different cultures and even within a country. Study of sociology can broaden your vision and imagination. You may learn and realize that what practices, beliefs, traditions, and cultures exist in your country may not exist elsewhere due to the differing origins and ancestral backgrounds. It can help you understand particular immigrants in your country whose way of life, mannerisms and social behavior may differ from that of yours. For instance, someone who belongs to an Asian origin will have a different way of greeting other people and celebrating various festivals than that of the West. Their family structure may differ and they rather prefer a joint family system than the nuclear one.

Where in the western culture more preference is given to nuclear family structure which consists of husband, wife and one or more children ( Jay, 2004)? The study of sociology can help us broaden our horizons and perspectives about the world and the changing trends and lifestyles everywhere. It opens up your eyes and makes you accept other cultural values, norms, and traditions. You may respect people from other cultures more and may find it very interesting to explore their traditions and values and compare it with your own. You may learn something valuable observing their social values, norms, and traditions. If you love traveling to different countries you will have a chance to explore many other interesting things such as the food they eat, the clothes they wear, their way of communication including nonverbal, their historical background and their national sports. You may experience culture shock if you find something weird like in China people prefer eating dogs, cats, reptiles, and amphibians.

Studying sociology can only benefit you more if you like to discover and explore new things. If you like living in your own culture and do not like discovering interesting things and facts about social behavior than studying sociology will not interest you much and you may find it hard to realize and except other traditional practices, cultures, and norms.

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