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1. Compare and contrast the perspectives taken on stratification by Karl Marx and Max Weber. Then, show how the view of Ralf Dahrendorf and Talcott Persons compare with Marx and Weber.

Stratification explains the different layers that exist in society. Whilst some disagree that it is possible for a society to run without such a configuration, most known communities do experience some sort of class division. According to Karl Marx, that stratification represents that working class people are not expected to advance socio-economically, while the wealthy may carry on to utilize the proletariat generation after generation Max Weber and his followers, also evaluate Marx’s view and point out that social stratification is not simply based on economic inequalities but is evenly shaped by status and power differences. Marx believed that people were shaped by the society in which they exist. Weber, a social action theorist, believed that individuals create society by action and interaction. Marx based his view of a lass structure on ownership of the means of production, on the other hand, Weber supposed it was dependant on “life chances”. Life chances depended on wealth and skills; the upper class had the most beneficial life chances, and the poor, the least. The class could be decided by the economic situation, market situation, status and political party. Whilst Marx split society into two distinct elements; Weber saw that social structure was more multifaceted.

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