Poem Review

Words 1,500

Answer 1.

On reading the poem for the first time I felt that this poem was very beautiful, especially the choice of words, however when I heard it being read out-loud I finally realized that it was not just meant to be read but the intention of the poet was that it should be heard. The feeling I got was of an idyllic summer day, so beautiful that I could even feel the soothing warmth of the sun.  It reminded me of the beautiful summer days I spent in my summer holidays doing nothing just lazing about. It also made me realize that all good things like a summer’s day are bound to end.

Answer 2.

The picture that materializes in front of my eyes is of a summer that seems a bit too harsh. The heat of summer can be destructive if its intensity increases and delicate things can be destroyed by the harsh conditions. The second stanza gives the image of the sun and how even the sun cannot remain the same sometimes it’s too hot other times its intensity is affected by other things. Mortality is a fact and everything in this universe is mortal. The third stanza is about the immortality of things, how even the harshest of conditions and the passage of time cannot affect Shakespeare’s beloved, and the reason for this immortality is his work which he believes will live on even after he is long dead.

Answer 3.

In this sonnet Shakespeare is a poet who is talking about his beloved’s beauty, however, he comes out as a writer who knows his ability and skill as a writer, this knowledge makes him declare his work are immortal. And he is also sure of the fact that through his poems his beloved will not be forgotten and will be celebrated in future.

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