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Sometimes it seems that the ways in which we gain an understanding of other people are very different from the ways in which we gain knowledge about ourselves. However, while there will of course always be a difference between self-knowledge and knowledge of others, one of the things that we learn through therapy is that the therapeutic process can be very similar to the process of gaining self-knowledge – much more similar than the process of learning about another person that we meet at work or in a social setting. This paper explores some of the ways in which self-knowledge can be gained – and the ways in which these ways of learning about ourselves can be applied to learning how to use therapeutic techniques to learn about and help others.

Both the process of learning about ourselves and about others in the context of a therapeutic relationship is to examine and come to an understanding of the most appropriate and helpful framework within with to analyze an individual, whether that person is oneself or another. This framework must be in accord both with the objective facts of the biography and self-involved as well as being in accord with the basic philosophical framework that the person performing the analysis holds.

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