Can science and spirituality go together?

Are you the kind who utterly believes in scientific theories or the one who believes more in acquiring divinity through religious practices or meditation and yoga? No matter what doctrine you follow or practice you should keep in mind that both are very different and cannot be merged together since science only believes in what can be seen or proven through logic while religion emphasizes on blind faith. Scientists do not argue about whether God exists or not they simply keep on inventing and discovering new things that are related as everything from plants, animals, insects and human beings evolved from time to time as the environment and surroundings changed.

Theory of Evolution

The scientific theory of evolution has its own importance because logically speaking everything since the time of creation of the Universe evolved. Without the element of evolution various species and even human beings would not have survived. It has been proven scientifically that all those living things millions of years ago that did not evolve or could not adapt to the changing environment became extinct. We have the example of dinosaurs that dominated the Earth in the Cretaceous period in Mesozoic era and some species of marsupial animals (lions) and the mammals such as the mammoth in the beginning of the Cenozoic era.

Two Different Ideologies

Coming back to the main argument science has got literally nothing to do with the religion. Scientists have the curiosity to explore and discover new things that existed millions of years ago and how everything evolved. Religion has its own set of theories in which many people believe and follow. These two ideologies are different and cannot be merged together. Scientists are not on a mission to prove that God do not exist so why does religion comes in the way of science and prove it wrong?

No matter what ideology you follow bare in mind that the two will always have a major conflict not because of science but religion.

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