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A child’s education and schooling is a very important aspect of the learning, this is because this is the foundation that helps individuals make their careers successful and not only that, a majority believes that schooling and education make a person aware of the surroundings and make him or her a better person and an enlightened one. However, the role of schools and their style of teaching have been questioned time and again. People have started asking whether the public school system is the answer and the set curricula is the best possible options for children. Mr. John Taylor Gatto who himself is a teacher contends that people look for alternatives as “Schools don’t Educate”. There is much debate about this and their arguments on both sides of the debate. This paper asserts that Mr. Gatto has been right when he says that “Schools don’t Educateand this is because the children grow up in isolation, they cannot communicate with adults, are not in touch with reality, have no curiosity and lack compassion, these are just a few characteristics that are apparent.

Opposition and Refutation

As in the case of any debate, even in this case, there are many people who believe that the schooling that is given to children to teach them values and ideas and that it is the best possible way that education can be imparted. In her book Catherine Bateson has observed:

“Today there is a wealth of new thinking about schooling, yet it is fashionable in America to say that schools are failing and there is a groundswell of anger against educators of all kinds… It is a mistake to reform the educational system without revising our sense of ourselves as.” (Bateson 212)

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