As science is developing and evolving we have a new debate starting that whether human organs be legalized for sale to those who suffer from various diseases and need prompt organ transplantation. Keeping humanity into sight the common belief is that it should be legalized as it can help someone live a new life.  There is a trend in the world that whatever can give you huge profits can be badly exploited. Thus, such is the case with vital human organs such as the kidneys, heart, lungs, and liver as they are being sold at enormously high prices.

On average there are 15 people who die every day waiting for an appropriate organ transplant in the United States (Weekes, 2001). The black market in human organ trade has already shot up solving the crippling shortage of kidney donors. Recently an American citizen was arrested in Rome selling human pancreas and heart to the Italian doctors. In China, three officials were charged with offering organs for sale of the executed prisoners.

The trade of vital human organs must be made lawful in order to ensure that not only those who can afford expensive organ transplants benefit but also those who are poor. It is very difficult to provide donors for all those who badly need an organ transplant but there must be some kind of law ensuring that all the vital organs are sold in a legal way and that everybody benefits. The doctors before performing transplantation must make sure that they know the exact donors that had the organ come from (Weekes, 2001). Each organ sale must be made making sure that the organ is taken from the person’s consent and thus should be given an incentive financially.

In China, prisoners are executed by the judiciary for the trade of human organs. Such kind of businesses is normally a part of the third world where people seldom have enough financially to have one time lunch so they rely on organ trade of their beloved deceased in order to earn enough amount to make a reasonable living. If human organ trade is made lawful than such practices will eventually stop. There must be some sort of harsh penalties or laws for people exploiting a technology that can benefit millions of people around the world if practiced in an ethical manner.


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