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Since my birth, my parents have been bringing me to church on a weekly basis. What has affected me the most from these times is the tearing down of my previously limited vision of the world, allowing me to speculate beyond my ability and goal. Not until I was introduced to the story of Noah told by my pastor during a Bible study session at my church, contrary to what I have learned about Christianity that teaches altruistic behavior, justified the most inhumane act slavery in America, as well as any other countries in the world, did I ever imagine that Christianity could be falsely used as an ideology to get personal gains.

When asked the question why whites dominate in America and how blacks became slaves, my pastor answered the question through the story of Noah in the book of Genesis. The story goes: when Noah awakened from his drunken stupor, and found that his sons were making fun of his nakedness, that he cursed his youngest son Ham, and that this curse is the basis of their belief that Ham was the father of the Black race, and that the curse made them slaves, and that they are inferior to the White race.  Then, the story of Noah urged me to take a look at American history, particularly in terms of slavery.

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