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The Articles of Confederations were framed at the time of revolutionary war and provided the framework necessary to start the beginning of a nation. But as early as mid 1780s, the flaws of the Articles of Confederation became obvious to the observers and the law makers.  Because of the historical authoritarian rule of King George III and the autocratic rule over the colonies, the founder’s reaction was to have a weak government, but at that time they believed that  their government was quite strong and had sufficient powers needed to run a federation.

The initial assumptions did not hold true as there were many defects in the articles, the main being that the central government was very weak, in terms of its influence on the states and also the levying of taxes and there were no laws to govern the defense and even the trade of the federation and it also did not have executive and judicial branching. In addition each state had a vote instead of representation from legislators. And amendment of articles needed unanimous votes from the states.

The US constitution was framed to overcome all the shortcomings of the articles, the government under the constitution was federal and the power was shared between the states and the central government. But the articles had made the states dominant over the central government, the constitution made the federal government supreme. Now the states were represented by representatives and senators instead of states having one vote each.

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