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The movie Dance Me Outside revolves around the murder of Little Margaret Wolfchild. The murder is seen through the eyes of Silas Crow and how the people in the movie dealt with it. Little Margaret’s story depicts how racial bias can and will hurt other people no matter what side they are on.

The most inspiring feature of Bruce McDonald’s Dance Me Outside, in addition to its story, is the acting of its basically native and amateur young actors. They try to make real W.P. Kinsella’s tale of life on the Rez. Rez is the Indian reservation in Northern Ontario. Here the young people have to deal with usual adolescent troubles, such as relations with the opposite sex. Moreover, the all-pervasive prejudice, the bias, and problems facing the native community in modern-day Canada become even more prominent when one of the native girls is killed and the white man who is the prime suspect of the crime is let off with a minimum sentence. This leads to a reaction by the native community who want revenge because they feel betrayed by the Canadian justice system.

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