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Music has been a vital and integral part of most people’s lives. This is not a recent phenomenon; in fact it has existed for a long time. In society today however the numbers of people who are advocating a decline of music are increasing. Instead, people have started to show a greater interest in the curriculum of schools and the economic stability of their country. When schools prepare their budgets, in case of having to cut off any course, music is on the top of their list. Those people who do not wish to see the music curriculum abolished however are doing their best in order for it to stay; they are taking much action to go against this issue and some have produced strong arguments to support their viewpoint. Music is something which strongly affects the ability of children to do well in academics and to achieve success in life (Russell). Advocates of music put forward this argument when debating about whether music education should be part of the curriculum or not. Music is said to produce emotional values in people and the argument makes use of this factor. People gain relationships due to music which is also included in the argument for…

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