Studying history can be boring for many students. History is a subject which consists of recorded chronological events that took place in the past. Whatever is currently taking place in the world will someday be history and people from future generations will possibly be studying the way events occur in the current era leading to a new era. Writing history research papers or essays can be very dry and boring as normally people want to keep abreast of current situations taking place and not something that took place centuries ago. This article will provide you some interesting topics to write history papers. Keep reading the article to discover some interesting topics so that you can write your history papers with ease.

World Wars

You can opt to write a history paper on famous world wars and their repercussions on the countries involved in these wars. By studying the events chronologically you can come up with possible predictions whether another major war can take place.

British Rule

Your history paper topic can be related to British rule in various nations. Choose one specific nation and write how British invade and took control of the existing government at that time such as India. How did Britain dethroned the Mughals in India and took over the entire country?


You can write a history paper on Egyptian culture and their living ways in the past. You can discuss the existing pyramids, one of the famous wonders of the world, and their importance in Egyptian culture.

Go for any topic you are interested in. Make sure you already have some information about the topic so that writing history research paper can become much easier for you.

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