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‘Research paper on education’

Education is something which is extremely vital and necessary for these days. Education is required as it helps students to develop as individuals and make something of them. Once a person gets educated, not only is he/she able to help himself in the world but he is also able to make a contribution towards the society he/she lives in.

Education is the way through which not only does a person learn to read and write but they are also able to open and develop their minds, accept new ideas, develop knowledge about the world and how it functions as well as social skills get developed in a person. Whatever a person learns in his/her early years carry’s on with him/her for the rest of his life. Having education and the skills which come along with it make a person self-sufficient and he is able to cope with anything he faces in life.

Education is something which is recognized throughout the world and it is the foundation of what creates a person. Education also helps in shaping a person’s personality and individuality. It is also the key towards the reduction of poverty which is an extremely major social ill….’

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