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Democracy literally means common people rule, through this system of government the population of the country controls the government. This paper compares participative and direct democracies discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each form of democracy.

Participative Democracy

The nations elect their representatives entrusting them the complex task of government. The government has a degree of autonomy in what it does but it is limited by the fact that it is periodically answerable to the people. The government cannot completely forget the people. In between elections, it prima facie seems to have a great degree of freedom but this is constrained, not only by the intimidating certainty of elections in the future but also by the pressures put on the regime by institutions. (Exploring Democracy)


The main advantage of the system of representative democracy is that it makes provision, through the structure, law, and political institutions, for restrictions on the powers which are implemented by lawmaking authorities as well as by private associations and groups. It offers institutional checks and balances.

The core of the system is not democracy but representative democracy and a system of checks and balances on those exercising power. The rate of the abuse of power cannot be removed but an attempt is made through the representative democratic system and its institutions to lessen the extent of the abuse of power. This is made through a number of devices and in various ways.

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