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The “Nordic” questionnaire produced a data set that was examined to determine the reliability of the underlying nine scales and for ways in which the use of these scales could be concatenated in various ways to predict with an effective level of reliability the overall satisfaction from both above and below of the manager as a leader. In examining these scales, all were found to be reliable; however, the questionnaire as it is currently configured is highly redundant; over one-third of the questions can be eliminated without compromising the reliability of the questionnaire, which will be strengthened by being shorter (give that shorter questionnaires tend to have higher response rates).

Regression analysis of these results demonstrated that three vectors (Communication, Planning/Execution, and Teamwork) are the best predictors of overall satisfaction; however, the different reporting groups tended to employ different criteria in judging overall satisfaction. Because of the differences in reporting in these two groups, two different varieties of reduced-form scales (of between 16 and 18 items) derived from regression models may be used instead.

The process of 360-degree feedback involves both an upward and downward evaluation in a process in which all peers in a work team or department have the opportunity to evaluate their co-workers, including their supervisors as well as their subordinates. This evaluation may take a number of different forms but is most typically a questionnaire with ten to fifty question based on issues or values that the company wishes its employee to possess.

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