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Abstract: Shakespeare talks about the relationships in ‘As you Like It’ and how they were in accordance to the ones which were present in the Renaissance.

Shakespeare quoted in one of his plays that give me that exact same sentence my Lord for I cannot live without her in my life (Shakespeare in Norton Anthology). Who said this in reference to Rosalind? Was it Celia whom she so lovingly called ‘coz’ or was it Orlando, the man she was in love with? The next question which arises is what these words meant if they were spoken by Celia to Rosalind? Could it be that Celia is attracted to her friend Rosalind in more than a friendly way or is she merely trying to show Rosalind how much she cares about their friendship and her? This is an example of the various relationships which existed during the Renaissance period. The relationships mentioned above of female friendship, bonding between men and homo-eroticism are all present in Shakespeare’s play, ‘As you like it’.

During the era of Renaissance, friendship between women was considered to be extremely important. This time in history is considered to be one in which men did not find women as attractive as they generally do. In the period of Renaissance, when two women would reach a certain point of friendship in their friendship, it would lead to marriage. The friendship which exists between women is one which appears to be a form of chastity between the women and…

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