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There are many people who may have experienced some kind of trauma in their lives. People who experience the effects of either a past or current trauma do show some symptoms which are difficult to deal with. Some of these symptoms may include having trouble performing new tasks, they may blame themselves for various things, feel guilty, feel depressed, may not be able to trust other people, may be fearful of taking risks, may have sleep disturbances, may not feel confident and may doubt their self esteem, may suffer from panic attacks and may find it hard to concentrate (Mojab and McDonald). Some people however may not show any signs or symptoms. Something else which people may have to deal with is Post traumatic Stress Disorder which is characterized by avoidance, having flash backs, they may experience a numbing of responsiveness which may include substance abuse, they may experience and expect danger, impairment of their memory and even dissociation and zoning out (Isserlis).

It may not necessarily be obvious that a learner may be experiencing effects of a trauma. If a person misses class, avoids tests, spaces out and is not enthusiastic about class discussions; it may be as a response to a trauma. It is possible however that the learner may be hampered by some form of anxiety, fear or…

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