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Racism is a particular kind of discrimination based on skin tone and country/region of origin. This is where it gets really complicated, for many reasons. Firstly, ‘race’ is an arbitrary category, imposed upon people by the culture. First-generation African immigrants arriving in the United States generally do not view themselves as being in the same category as African-Americans who were born in the United States. Anyone who was had any non-Anglo ancestry was required for a long time to mark ‘black’ on their U.S. Census forms, even though they may be completely ‘white’ in appearance and most of their ancestry. Unfortunately, this incorrect framework must be used because it is so ingrained into American culture, and because it is impossible to fight an enemy that you are unable to define.

Racism, in spite of the views of some individuals (of various ancestries), is not a natural condition. It is not something we as humans, or even we as animals ‘just do’, it is conditioned. If racism were a natural response, the peaceful tribes of Native Americans would not have welcomed the European colonists as openly as they did when they first arrived. Likewise, they would not have accepted European ‘defectors’—those who left the colonies to live with the Native American tribes—as well as they, did, even centuries after the colonization of the New World had left those same Native Americans with plenty of reason to condemn all those of European descent.

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