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America is a nation consisting of many cultures. The cultures and races found all over the world are all found in the United States of America. This country is home to many immigrants and thus still faces many racial problems even today. Many of these issues faced are seen to be due to the Civil Rights Movement. When a debate takes place on the problems which societies have to face, discrimination and racism are the most spoken about topics. In order to understand this problem and to devise a solution, the cause of  racism needs to be determined after which appropriate means of reducing this problem need to be though of.

What should the government do in order to ensure that every individual is presented with equal opportunities and that each of them have an equality of outcome so as to ensure that every individual has the freedom to do whatever they wish without being judged on the basis of their skin color and instead on the basis of their work?

All cultures practiced slavery (D’Souza). Slaves were considered to be war prisoners in the African continent. These slaves were made to work in plantations and farms. They were also used to carry out human sacrifice. There were many cultures which practiced slavery throughout the world. Children were removed from their parents and were sent to countries all over the world. Crevecoeur stated…

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