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The Johnson States in Modern Times Observes:

Those who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the victims not so much of Anglo-American technology as of a paralyzed [Japanese] system of government made possible by an evil ideology which had expelled not only absolute moral values but reason itself. (427)

However, the killing of over 100,000 human beings on August 6, 1945 (Craig & Jungerman 3) was one of the decisive moments in history. As Lifton and Mitchell note, “You cannot understand the twentieth century without Hiroshima” (xi). Understanding Hiroshima compels dealing with the archival materials discussing the verdict to use atomic weapons against Japan. Patterson While questioning the wisdom of dropping the second bomb on Nagasaki-President Harry S. Truman “could have waited longer”-he writes, “several conclusions seem fair concerning these heated debates” (p. 110).

Building up of Japanese defenses in the summer of 1945. It is far too simple, however, to predict from this and evaluate what the Japanese hoped to have by the time of the November invasion with the troops and weapons the Americans previously had in hand.

  • Japan was a country under nonstop bombardment and blockade.
  • Her most secret codes had been broken by American intelligence services. United States leaders knew that Japan’s fuel and other essential raw material sources were virtually completely cut off.
  • Her air force was reduced to feebly trained pilots flying biplanes and trainers fueled with distilled pine root oil and 77-octane gasoline.

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