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The Electoral College has been debated since its commencement, but even at the time when it was established by Article II, section 1 of the Constitution and it remained so even when it was formalized through the twelfth amendment, even today it is an important part of the constitution and the political setup. The Electoral College has 535 people who are accountable for voting on behalf of their state. The number of electoral votes is founded on the number of U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives in each state. The candidate who wins the most votes on Election Day gets all the state’s electoral votes. Two hundred seventy votes are required to win the White House.

At first, Electors did not stand for particular candidates but were nominated to stand for the people of their state and region. The Electoral College was a way of choosing honest men from each region who would make a well-informed decision for the people he represented who could not access that information. America is a diverse nation with highly populated cities to the barely populated heartland and with more people moving to cities the problems of the country voters may not seem important therefore the electoral vote is there to give equal representation to less populated areas of the country.

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