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Euthanasia is a topic which has been debated upon by people for many centuries. The argument has two sides, each of which is able to produce an argument which is able valid and keeps into account moral and ethical values. Euthanasia laws have been prevalent in Netherlands ever since 1973. In the United States of America, only a few states have the euthanasia law still present in their government. The state of Oregon introduced this law in the year 1997 and Washington in 2008. In the year 1930’s, Germany faced active euthanasia which resulted in the most horrific genocide to occur. The genocide which occurred was considered to be the worst compared to the past millennium. It is mostly the elderly who are the victims of euthanasia as these people are whom the general population would like out of their way. Even with the increase in births, the system is faced with pressures to a large extent. Even if the general population of Netherlands begins to agree on euthanasia to end the life of the terminally ill, the debate about how the procedure should be controlled and who has a right to it still remains (Sunny,Bloyd).The reason behind writing this paper is to explore the topic of euthanasia keeping in mind the various definitions. Another purpose is to examine whether active euthanasia is…

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