Non-Profit Organization: Healing Hand is a non-profit organization that provides healthcare services to the ethnic people along the Horn of Africa. The target population is those living below the poverty line.

Language: essentially the language used would be local language to communicate with people living in those areas.  It is necessary to adjust the language to local language so that the doctors in the US can communicate effectively with the doctors there, there would be a need for a translator.

Three Facts: through Research I have discovered some interesting facts which have helped me understand and relate common issues from four countries, Eretria, Djibouti, Somalia and Ethiopia: (Joireman-Fullerton, 1997)

  1. The people in this area can be linked together on the basis of their language and racial background.
  2. This region in recent past has experienced catastrophic crises like famine, war, lawlessness, and droughts, creating humanitarian conditions which have further deteriorated the living condition of the people.
  3. The economy is largely agro-based, with a majority of people depending on farming and livestock for their survival.

Needs of the Target Groups: Many people in the Horn of Africa live in remote areas and it is difficult for them to access health services, as a result many people die of curable diseases because of inaccessibility. There is a need for medical services and facilities in form of mobile clinics and hospitals which can help treat patients without them having to travel long distances.

Goal Achievement: Through dedication, honesty, and sincerity, with the aim of helping those living below poverty line through mobile medical services, any member of this organization in any capacity will be able to achieve the mission to provide timely healthcare for those in need.

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