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By definition, health is seen as an individual’s overall physical, social and mental well being (Burch). Previously, health was defined as no disease being present in the individual. It is through health promotion that people are provided with the resources as well as the ability to make their health better. One of the characteristics of a healthy person is that he/she has the ability of adapting to any physical and social environment he may be exposed to on a daily basis. Health promotion is not only the responsibility of those people who have a career in the health field. This is a common thought which people have however it is wrong. It is a person’s well being which shows whether or not he/she conducts a healthy lifestyle. Due to this, health promotion is not only of concern to the individual himself; it is of concern to employers, sportsmen, retailers and policy makers. Health and safety are important factors as environmental as well as safety factors are what affect an individuals well being (Ottawa Charter). Everyone should aim for the goal of having safer goods and services and to have a cleaner and better environment. Everyone should work toward providing an environment which is healthy and which will allow people to have…

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