If you are a new college student than you may not have a fair idea about college essay writing. You may be confused as what to do and what your professors exactly demand. Being college student essay writing is not something entirely new to you since you have been writing in your high school but college essay writing is more difficult and demanding compared to high school. In college, you reach a certain mental level to be tested and trained accordingly for more complex future academic challenges. There are just a few basic things to keep in mind during your essay writing assignments in college. You should be well aware of the specifications and expectations of your professors and work accordingly. This article will provide you some basic rules of college essay writing to meet the expectations of your college professor.

Follow the Instructions

Your professors are very keen on you providing them high-quality essays.  One of the best ways to achieve exactly that is to make sure you follow the instructions of your professor carefully. Many times students fail to follow the instructions and change the essay topic due to confusion paying a heavy price in terms of low grades. Make sure you provide the correct answers to the questions posed by your professor.

Follow the Standard Essay Structure

Follow the standard essay structure carefully i.e. the introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Many times students fail to follow this essay format and as a result, professors find them by cutting points. Make sure you follow the standard essay structure when you write essays to fulfill the criterion set by the professors.


Complete your essay writing assignment well before the deadline to allow yourself to revise your essay for any possible errors. Proofread your essay to make sure it is error free. Many times students overlook this crucial step of essay writing and pay the price. Once you complete your essay format it to make it more presentable for your professor.

These are some of the things that professors look for in an essay writing assignment. Apart from these guidelines make sure your essay content is authentic and makes sense.

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