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Everywhere we go, poor people exist. They can be found out in the streets, in the supermarkets and even in the plaza. Whenever poor people ask me for money, I tend to get angry at them and feel sick by looking at them and then I ask myself, ‘Is giving the poor money from my own pocket a good way to deal with them?’

Other people may have given the poor money at various times. If they hadn’t, they probably would not have been standing and begging for money. The basic fact of the matter is that the poor ask others for money as they know that that is an easy way of earning it.

The government too has been providing the poor people with money; money which is taken from us through welfare and taxes. And unsurprisingly, the poor continue to ask and beg for money. For the last 70 years, the state too made the poor believe that the best way of making money is to ask for it. It is my personal opinion that it was due to the creation of the welfare that led people to become dependant on the state rather than doing something to become independent. The welfare system according to me failed badly. However, the reform which took place in 1996 has greatly helped the poor by helping them get away from poverty.

It was 70 years ago that the government of the United States began helping the poor financially (Modern Welfare Programs). It was during the time of depression and the people of America were asking for aid from their government. This led to the very first poverty assistance act to be passed which was known as ‘Aid to Dependent Children Act’ which was passed in 1935. It was signed by Franklin Roosevelt and…

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