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Discrimination is making choices giving preferences between different things. The society and the environment we live in large shape these choices. However, when deliberate discrimination occurs when people give preference to a particular class race or gender and act with a prejudiced frame of mind or attitude when making a decision.(p.186)

There are three types of discrimination as pointed out by the textbook:

q     Individual Discrimination

q     Organizational Discrimination

q     Structural Discrimination

This paper discusses the incidence of organizational discrimination. This occurs when an organization discriminates against individuals because of their gender or race or both. The organization being specifically highlighted is the Police department. The discrimination is not only within the departments but also associated with the attitude of the officers with the general society with regards to their racial and ethnic backgrounds.

A brief overview of each article will give an idea about how the police harassment has occurred in different and very different instances.

The first case is about a young “Yuppie Couple” as called by the author were stopped for no apparent reason (p. 198). The incidence of the number of black people being stopped in different cities while driving had been rising and is a cause for concern. Just because a person is black, he or she is stopped by the police or even followed as in case of a youngster for allegedly stealing a can of vegetables. (p.198)

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