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AIDS has spread like wildfire in the continent of Africa. Anyone who has come in contact with AIDS has been killed by this epidemic. America has seen a decline in the number of people dying of AIDS; however, it is in Africa that this epidemic has reached great proportions. AIDS is the worst in the area of southern Sahara and has spread to the rest of the continent as well. AIDS- Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome- is a virus which reduces the strength of a person’s immune system and hence makes a person vulnerable to tuberculosis, pneumonia and other such diseases. This virus is contracted through the exchange of blood, semen and body fluids. One way in which the spread of AIDS can be prevented is by indulging in protected rather than unprotected sex.

Despite being a problem the world over, AIDS is a very prominent disease in Sahara in Africa (DeSalle). This is definitely something which has put the Africans at great risk and without any education, children not having any parents or cultural influence, AIDS is continuing to destroy the lives of many people in Africa.

The number of people who reside in the southern part of Sahara makes up only 10% of the population of the world. But the place has 2/3rds of the people who are found to be HIV positive. Out of the number of deaths which have occurred due to AIDS, 80% of them have occurred in this region.

In the previous year, the Africa wars left 200,000 people dead and in the Saharan part of Africa, 3.8 million residents were found to have been infected with AIDS and another 2.4 million were found to have died which totaled the amount to 25.3 million (Scho ogs).

One of the primary reasons for…

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