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Violence exists all around us. It is portrayed to us in different forms on a daily basis. Seeing violence take place on the television and in our societies has become quite normal and mainstream. People too have started to accept violence as being a part of their lives and many take precautions in order to prevent themselves from falling victim to any form of it. There are however a few number of people who believe that it is only through violence that they can get their point across. The media too dramatizes violence as and when it occurs. As the generation of tomorrow, it is our duty to be aware of the existence of various types of violence, including workplace violence. Not only should customers be prevented from workplace violence, co-workers and employees should also be kept safe from this menace. Everyone needs to be protected and we should adopt the appropriate tools in order to create a safe environment for everyone to live and work in. If by making use of the right tools we are able to identify which workplace has a higher risk factor, this will come in use to us and be beneficial to people seeking work.

Workplace violence is a form of physical assault (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health). The…

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