Preventing and Responding to School Gang Violence: Essay

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School violence has gradually come more into exposure due to lethal multiple shootings in such places as Littleton, Colorado; Jonesboro, Arkansas; and Springfield, Oregon. The prospect of school shootings has become a problem for city, country, and suburban populations in a similar way. Since 1992, 22 schools have experienced multiple victim killings; many in communities where people previously believed were safe areas. (Bernier 1999)

In spite of the rise in violence, keeping in mind the number of schools and the population of USA multiple victim homicides are still exceptionally infrequent, and in recent years, in general, the rate of violence in schools has in fact declined. Physical clashes, intimidation, and aggravation are, though, still common. Many students and teachers are more fearful than ever before the causes of school violence are an issue given too much thought. This paper explores the role of the school, students, parents and law enforcement to prevent the violence.

The Role of School Administrators, Teachers, and Staff

School administrators should bring collectively all of the above public to work out policy suitable for their own particular school and community environments. Whereas school boards and administrators set the climate of safety within schools, teachers, in particular, must be frankly involved and supported in all stages of developing and implementing programs to achieve safer schools.

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