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One of the most amazing benefits which mankind can be conferred with is the ability to provide the ways in which knowledge can be acquired (John Quincy Adams).

I have never wondered what I would have liked to be when I grew up as since childhood, it was a dream of mine to become a teacher. Even after having a long, hard day at school, I would return home and play with the children from the neighborhood rather than relaxing. I felt immense pleasure in helping people learn and took up the opportunity whenever I was presented with one. Even today, I love teaching others and helping them out. Currently, I am teaching 7th and 8th grade basketball for girls and I continuously try to devise plans and strategies to help these girls do better at their game as a team as well as individually. It was due to the past experiences which I had that I believed teaching and education to be the field which I wished to pursue.

In my opinion, education means preparing one for the future. Every day, technology is advancing and so is science. In order to be able to understand the changes which are taking place in our society, education is extremely vital.

It is by being educated that we will be able to understand these new concepts and lead a life which is successful as well as fulfilling. Children today need to be provided with equal opportunities to help them progress and do…

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