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In general, GM research is conducted by multinational companies whose the primary aim is amplified sales or revenue. However, there are a number of ways in which changes achieved by GM may be beneficial, both to individual consumers and to the populace.

  • GM technology may increase the nutritional value of food. For instance, a rice containing vitamin A to help prevent blindness has been developed. (Ye et al., 303)
  • Foods with reduced allergenicity might be formed. Transgenic varieties of grasses, birch and oilseed rape have been produced with reduced anaphylactic activity by susceptible individuals. (Singh et al 84)It therefore may be promising to create foodstuffs with similar reduced hypersensitivity in reactive people.
  • Crops such as soy beans, potatoes, corn, rice and tomatoes are undergoing GM with various purposes in mind: to control weeds or insect pests; resist viral infections; produce a thicker skin and altered pectin to develop processing or alter ripening to increase fresh market value.
  • Increased yield of GM foods may result in consumers gaining a greater continuity of supply and feasible lower prices. (Scott and Connor 6; Jones 584)It may be likely to develop crops that require less water to flourish, or which can grow in saline-polluted soil.
  • Transgenetic crops may help offer a stable and sustained production of high-quality food by increasing the yield, lessening the need for pesticides, and improving the nutritional quality. (Potrykus et al., 442 )

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