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Ngugi Wa Thiong’s is one of Africa’s foremost modern writers; he was born in 1938 in Kenya. His novels have been translated into thirty languages and he has won recognition and awards including the Paul Robeson Award for Artistic Excellence Nonino International Prize; the Distinguished Africanist Award by the New York African Studies Association (1996); Political Conscience, and Integrity (1992); in addition to the Zora Neale Hurston-Paul Robeson Award for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement. He also received the Fonlon-Nichols Award in 1996, which is given each year to pay tribute to distinction in African creative writing and assistance to the struggle for human rights and freedom of expression. Ngugi is a Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature and Director of the International Center for Writing & Translation at the University of California, Irvine, in 2003 the American Academy of Arts & Letters elected him as an honorary member.

According to Carol Sicherman—who very aptly gives a coherent explanation Ngugi’s creative writing career and she considers his work to influenced by especially the “late-colonial East Africa” (12). What actually shaped his career as a writer was his initial schooling in a Gikuyu Independent school made him aware of the oppression of colonialism and the force used by the colonist.

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