This essay discusses the addiction of pornography.

1,300 Words (Approx. 5.2 pages),3 Sources, APA, 2006.


This essay discusses the addiction of pornography among people. Pornography is a rising threat to youngsters and people of various age groups. Before the advent of the internet pornographic material was somehow restricted as one had to go to video stores to purchase or rent videos containing pornographic content. But with the advent of the internet pornography addiction is extremely hard to overcome as one has no limitations to access such content on the internet. The author of the essay discusses how this growing threat of pornography addiction can be stopped among people.

From the Essay

The word ‘pornography’ is defined as the portrayal of erotic behavior meant to arouse sexual excitement (DeLoreto, 1969). Viewing pornographic material is no more difficult as all is needed is to click on the desired links and sources. The Internet has opened the doors to pornographic content further and has made it difficult to stop for those who are excessively addicted to viewing pornographic material. There are about 420 million adult websites currently operating on the internet……….

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