Article Critique

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The two articles dealing with the education of children and specifically with their visual perceptual and spatial abilities with regards to their perceptual and cognitive understanding. The first article is a review of Piaget’s theory of Cognitive development in children, what are its effects on the cognitive knowledge of the children. (Wachs, 1981) the second article is a research paper, questions the importance given to visual and perceptual training asserting that although in the beginning, it may be important at a more advanced stage is not needed. (Kershner, 1975)

The first paper is a study of Piaget’s research who according to the author, was of the view that vision played a very significant role in the development of children. To Piaget vision and visual perception was not just seeing objects but is also an interpretation. Piaget’s discovery was not just limited to visual perception but it was also a study of an infant’s development. Those children could differentiate actions form objects of action. From here, the perception of the child is that they know that something exists although it is not visible. Symbolic construction is a part of the child’s development as he learns perceptual vision. Thus, what emerges is that there is a reality, on one hand, followed by human construction of things not physically present at that time. They are external or internal symbols, for example, visual imagining is a part of an internal symbol; teaching methods that rely greatly on visual explanation and imagining tend to confuse children. However this internal construction leads to high level of thinking, and it leads to intellectual development. Low-level thinking is the use of knowledge that is already existent.

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