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No greater topic is debated today than that of the likelihood of God’s existence. Quite naturally, there are people who support the existence of God and see such a topic paramount to the Christian faith. However, there are other competing beliefs about God’s reality that call such conclusions into question. With the inclusion of rational inquiry into modern debates over the existence of God, we find ourselves shielding a fundamental assumption about who is or is not at work in our world.

The question “What is God?” is sometimes also phrased as “What is the meaning of the word, God?” Most philosophers anticipate some kind of definition as an answer to this question, but they are not content simply to describe the way the word is used, they want to know the essence of what it means to be God. Western philosophers typically linked themselves with the God of monotheistic religions but discussions also concern themselves with other understanding of the divine.

God, according to most conceptions of God of the divine, would be in an important category of being different from the rest of the universe. That is, God is particularly conceived as not having a body, and the “mind” of the divine is not typically regarded as anything very like an ordinary human mind. Metaphysics, and in particular ontology, is concerned with the most basic categories of existence, those types of existence that cannot be express as any other type of existence. On the view of many, the very notion of God (the gods, the divine) cannot be reduced to human concepts of mind or body; God is, on such a view, a sui generis entity, an entity in a category all of its own.

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