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Each individual strives to attain a degree of success, however it must be noted that the term success and specifically personal success is not an absolute term, instead it is a relative term, which may vary from one individual to another, one person’s idea of success may not be what the other is looking for, he or she may want to achieve much more in life. All achievements and changes that a person makes in life are in some way connected to that individual’s desire to excel or change, this passion although may exist in all individuals but in many people this remains latent or is not very constructive The most important driving force which makes me what I am today is my desire to learn and know about things which may have been insignificant or unimportant to other people, however to me gaining information and analyzing have always been vital.

My life has not been a smooth path to a conventional career. Right now I am twenty nine years old my birthplace is Korea, where I grew up and acquired my previous education. In 1998 I completed college in social sport and immediately joined military service for two years, I worked for a trading company before rejoining college in 2002. After graduating from college I went to university and received a degree in international business in 2007. I have held several jobs including English language teacher, working as a restaurant manger and even teaching at a church when I graduated from high school. Since adolescence I have been closely associated with church activity.

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