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The most important thing that I learned in the military was teamwork. teamwork only occurs if there is communication between the different team members and each member is able to communicate freely with each other even the leader is there as a guide not as a dictator. In Iraq and even before that, I learned to rely on my peers and my colleagues as we dealt with life and death situations. It led to mutual respect and trust for each other. Similarly in the case of the classroom the teacher, I believe, is more of a guide and a member of the team which is the class. And communication between teacher and student has to be very free flowing and easy so that the teacher and the students understand each other and I think it leads to a kind of respect and trust which is not possible if the teacher is aloof and uses the dictatorial approach with students.

The third most important thing I have learned through my experience is to work under stress with limited resources and to make the best of the things you have in order to achieve your objectives. My plan after doing my masters is to be a teacher in the inner city areas in a big metropolis so that what education I have received and the experience I have gained is used in the most appropriate manner and to make a difference in pupils academic life and even to some extent develop their personalities so that they become more focused in their education.

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