In any business, performance is the key to success. If the employees of your firm excel at the work they do, your firm is likely to succeed and do well. This performance needs to be guided and managed which is taken care of by the HRM department. It is the managers from this department who are responsible for the progress and performance of the employees which they have recruited for your firm.

In order for the HRM department to ensure the progress and stable performance of the employees, they make use of certain strategies such as:

  • Incentives and bonuses for working well
  • Rewards and benefits associated with good work
  • Good salary
  • Compensation for any extra work

The above strategies are all which have been established as being able to increase the performance and effectiveness of the employees of any firm. These are also used by an HRM department in order to attract more employees to the firm who will make it even more successful. They can also be used in motivating the various employees to do well and progress in their careers.

In these modern times, every firm requires skilled and talented personnel for their firm. These people can only be employed by the HRM department. Since every firm these days wants to recruit people who are good at what they do, these incentives can be used in an even broader sense to recruit the desired people and increase their performance.

The performance management system which the HRM department makes use of is related to how well employees of your firm work, how close they are to the goals set out to them and whether or not they have increased their productivity ever since they were trained. In this system of performance management, the employees have a key role and the result of this management usually determines their fate in that particular firm.

Even though every employee in a firm is provided with equal working conditions, they are given different types of work. In order for each employee to do well in his/her department, they need training after which their performance is calculated as to whether or not it is up to the mark or needs further improvement.

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