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The thing, unfortunately, most often taken for granted is our own health and wellbeing. Why does it take finding out that somebody close to us has cancer or is having heart problems to get us to appreciate that we are still healthy? Even minor health problems can bring about an appreciation of our own wellbeing.

There is a bracha (blessing) that observant Jews recite after using the restroom facilities. It essentially gives thanks that our various parts are functioning how they should, for there are many valves and other such openings without which we could not continue living. I try to say it with great concentration and devotion, for its significance is quite great – it is a way in which we cannot take our health for granted.

When one is walking down the street and wishing they had a car, they instead could be extremely grateful that they have legs which can carry them where they want to go. A person hearing bad pop music on the radio can complain that there are so few bands like Ben Folds Five or Pearl Jam, or they can be thankful that they have the ability to hear music at all.

The same goes for many of our other senses and attributes, including a good sense of smell, and even full lung capacity. A terrorist attack here in Jerusalem recently left one of the victims with only one functioning lung – everyday life is significantly altered in a matter of minutes.

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