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In H. P.Willmott’s Pearl Harbor is not just about the actual attack itself but it details the historical and political events leading to war in the Pacific between the United States and Japan are edited thoughtfully and concisely. The book is aimed at general readership interested in the military history of the Second World War and the causes behind the event.

The book starts by giving a historical detail about the events acquainting the reader with the turmoil of the times which had both the book’s opening chapter review Japan’s aggressive rise from an isolated feudal nation in the 1850s to a world power in the 1930s. Following this is an informative chapter on the development of the Imperial Japanese Navy, dealing with her fight for parity with the navies of Great Britain and the United States and Japan’s grand plan to defeat the U. S. Fleet in an “all-out decisive engagement.” Japan and the United States more and more at odds both financially and politically.

Devastating victories over China in 1895 and Russia in 1905 gave Japan a place of domination in the western Pacific of which the country took full benefit during and after the First World War. Japan’s ensuing war with China, which began in September 1931, slowly widened the division between Japan and the Western nations, most specifically the United States.

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