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There is a high prevalence of urinary incontinence (UI) amongst elders, however, there is very insufficient research to guide nurses in providing real continence care to this elders.

Results: there is a dearth of specific and sufficient knowledge that is required by the nursing home to cure and ease the patients suffering from urinary incontinence elders in the following areas: efficiency of interventions, caregiver properties and management programs, prevalence, risk factors, and consistency and validity of resultant measures. There are limits to conducting research in long-term care settings.

Conclusions: while developing a thorough research about the urinary incontinence in elders, there is a vital need for research to guide for the nursing care of this population in all of the healthcare settings within the country.

there are a lot for factors that increase older adults’ risk of developing urinary incontinence (UI) including the changes caused due to growing age such as, in bladder function (a decrease in bladder capacity, a decrease in the ability to postpone voiding, diminished detrusor contractility, a rise in the frequency of detrusor overactivity, a reduction in urethral length and maximal closure pressure in women, and unusual growth of the prostate in most of the men; Fonda et al., 2002 ). However, factors such as pathologic, physiologic, and pharmacologic insults can lead the elder to suffer from urinary inconsistency ( Fonda et al., 2002 ; Lekan-Rutledge & Colling, 2003 ). According to a research, there is more than 50 percent of nursing home patients are suffering from urinary inconsistency ( Brandeis, Baumann, Hossair, Morris, & Resnick, 1997 ; Durrant & Snape, 2003 ; Nelson, Furner, & Jesudason, 2001 ). However, the community-dwelling elders suffering from Urinary incontinence are  13 percent to 53 percent ( Baker & Bice, 1995 ; Landi et al., 2003 ; Mohide, Pringle, Robertson, & Chambers, 1988 ; Ouslander, Zarit, Orr, & Muira, 1990 ; Ruther & Helbing, 1988 ).

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