Sample Paper

This paper enlightens the experience of doing the business across the culture in Italy. There are lots of complications and issues when any subsidiary starts the business across their boundaries. Doing business in Italy for any North American firm can be much interesting and different experience for the American entrepreneurs.

Because the Italian culture is based on its tradition, history and tends to be more collective rather than individualistic so doing business in Italy for an American firm is not an easy task. In this paper we will discuss about the different issues and negotiation processes in the light of what should be the style of meeting in Italy, what should be the proper business attire for any host country business manager to do the business in the home country (Italy), for linguistic purposes does an interpreter or mediator is required or not, how the religion play the role when it comes to developing business across the boundaries, role of the family for the businesspersons in Italy and what should be the formal dining etiquettes in Italy. It will discuss about these issues that can be face across the culture for any corporation in an international environment.

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