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The Commodore 64 is even now the best-selling computer of all time.  The Commodore 64 had BASIC 2.0 and 64k of memory even if when you turn the computer on it shows only 38,911 bytes on hand because almost half of its memory is used for inner operations. The Commodore 64 was, in fact, part of the development of computers presented by Commodore Business Machines. It has a 6510 processor, 64 KB RAM, 20 KB ROM with Microsoft BASIC, custom SID sound chip, 8 sprites, 16-color graphics, 40-column screen, for US$600) for US$595. It is the first personal computer with an integrated sound synthesizer chip.

Hardware Architecture

From the beginning, Palm Operating System has been intended to develop and advance in coordination with user requirements. The receptive, modular structural design lets developers build up inventive new products and applications for a quickly growing global market. Palm operating system devices have possession of nearly 80 percent of the global handheld computing market. (IDC, 2000)

All Palm OS devices currently use the Motorola DragonBall MC68328-family of microprocessors, which are built on the Motorola MC68EC000 core2. The DragonBall processors are essentially low-speed, ranging from 16MHz to 33MHz subject to the type. ARM’s microprocessor architecture, working in many end-user, wireless, and security products, will be utilized as the core of future DragonBall processors (ARM, 2000) and was to be implemented in Palm OS devices in 2002.

Palm OS and other handheld embedded instruments use battery-backed Random Access Memory (RAM) to store software and user information. The operating system and other permanent parts are frequently stored in Read-Only Memory (ROM). Nevertheless, newer devices are progressing towards Flash memory for fixed components such as the operating system.

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