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The little characters at Disney were quite right; the world is definitely small; perhaps too small. When the current century began, 1.7 billion people were estimated to be in existence in the world (Southwick). Now, however, the numbers of people in the world are around 6 billion. It would be safe to say that in the past 100 years, the numbers of people on Earth have tripled if not more! The population on Earth is on a steady rise and along with this; the Earth’s natural resources too are being depleted. This has led many people to question as to what is going to happen to the current generation and the generations to come. Another thought which many people have is what will happen to the environment? In order to answer these queries, we first need to understand whether the world is undergoing a population crisis or not. Once we have understood about this dilemma, only then we look at what consequences, if any are going to result from a population crisis. The last thing to consider is whether or not the various governments of the world have given importance to this problem and whether they see it as a crisis upon which action is necessary. Concerns about the population began first in 1798. It was when Thomas Robert Malthus…

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