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How does Othello view his followers/subordinates?

Othello has a very close relationship with his colleagues. Othello, Iago, and Cassio develop what is known as work-related. Carl Koch gives the following portrayal of work intimacy in his textbook Living a Christian Lifestyle:

When people share tasks that bond them together in affirming ways they experience work intimacy. Sharing responsibilities, decisions, and the satisfaction of a job well done brings people together because they can appreciate one another and feel mutual support (Koch 157).

A task such as saving a nation from the arch enemy succeeds as a job that would link people together. Iago, Cassio, and Othello also appear to affirm one another. Othello often denotes Iago as “most honest”(II.iii. 1) and Cassio as “good Michael”(II.iii.6). Hence, it is not exceptional for Othello to praise his officers. The three celebrate their victory over the Turks as a job well done. Othello realizes the service of Cassio and Iago as he often respects their good qualities and thanks them for their responsibility. Therefore, a sense of work intimacy is there between Othello and Iago and Cassio.

However his trust in his subordinates overrides and blinds him to Iago’s trickery and lies, this shows that Othello placed too much trust in his subordinates.

How does their leadership evolve throughout the story?

One can only envisage the pressure of being commissioned to lead a crucial mission to overcome a menacing advisory such as the Turks. The fate of Venice was resting upon Othello’s shoulders; he could not fail. In addition to this alarming task, Othello faced the complicatedness of being different from his counterparts.

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