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Starbucks started out as a small retail store but within a year one of its employees Howard Schultz bought it out for $3.8 million dollars, and the rest, as they say, is history. According to Bruce Horovitz, Starbucks has 7,950 stores in U.S. and 3,275 outside the US. It has an average of five stores open somewhere in the world every day. Shultz’s long-term objectives are to have 15,000 U.S. stores, 30,000 worldwide. In terms of its success, the price of Starbucks stock is up about 5,775% since it went public in 1992.

Article Review

The article Starbucks aims beyond lattes to extend the brand, which appeared in USA Today discusses the growing phenomenon of Starbucks. The store has started influencing what is consumed and how it is also impacting the very lifestyle choices that the consumers make. The main objective of Starbucks is reframing the whole popular culture or the society itself so that the people hear the music they sell, read the books they sponsor, and see the movies they produce. This is similar to the McDonaldization that occurred—however, the interest of the company in investing into music and films is to tie in their values and culture.

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