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The first ‘Orientalists’ were 19th-century scholars who translated the writings of ‘the Orient’ into English, established on the assumption that a truly effectual colonial conquest required knowledge of the conquered peoples. By knowing the Orient, the West came to own it. The Orient became the object; the studied, the seen, the observed, Orientalist scholars were the students, the seers, the observer’s Latent Orientalism is the unconscious, untouchable certainty about what the Orient is. Its basic content is static and universal.

The Orient is seen as separate, eccentric, backward, silently dissimilar, sensual, and passive. To the orientalists, it has a tendency for repression and away from development. It shows penetrability and malleability. Its progress and values are judged in terms of the West, so it always seems to be peripheral, which can be conquered, and which is inferior in every sense of the word. Apparent Orientalism is what is conveyed and acted upon. It includes information and transformation in knowledge about the Orient as well as policy decisions establish in Orientalist thinking. It is the expression in words and actions of Latent Orientalism.

One of the most major constructions of Orientalist scholars is that of the Orient itself. What is measured the Orient is a vast region, one that spreads across numerous of cultures and countries. It includes most of Asia as well as the Middle East. The representation of this single ‘Orient’, which can be studied as a consistent whole, is one of the most dominant activities of Orientalist scholars. It creates an image of a typical Oriental who is biologically inferior that is culturally backward, weird, and rigid to be portrayed in sexual terms. The discussion and visual details of Orientalism are tinged with the philosophy of power and superiority, invented initially to facilitate a colonizing mission on the part of the West, and propagated through an extensive variety of communications and policies. The language is vital to the meaning.  To the orientalists the pliable and weak Orient anticipates the dominance of the West; it is a weak and imperceptive entity that is only supplementary that exists for, and in terms of the west. The significance of such a viewpoint is that it creates a single subject matter where none existed, a collection of the formerly unspoken philosophy of others. Since the Orientalist creates the notion of the Orient, it exists exclusively for him or her. The scholar who gives it life defines its identity. As Edward Said has observed in the groundbreaking book, Orientalism:

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