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Schizophrenia is a psychological disease that typically starts in late teenage years or near the beginning of adulthood, but it can begin at any time in life. The indications and symptoms differ from one person to another. There are a collection of warning signs connected with schizophrenia. The first signs or the pre-psychotic phase are frequent disorder in one’s public and family associations – retreating into one’s shell and having irrational thought developments. This is followed by gradual worsening in other parts, like the inability to perform at school or work, and lastly, to take care of oneself. Moreover, the person may go through illusion, hallucinations, and confused or changed speech.

Characteristically, psychotic patients have significant disordered thinking in the initial onset of psychotic symptoms. The acute stage means the time in which the psychotic person goes through an acute period of positive indications, with both the beginning of warning signs after an uneventful period or a noticeable enhancement in signs over a standard level of less relentless symptoms. This phase is defined as the initial one-and-a-half month to two months after the beginning of an occurrence of explicit symptoms. Symptom reduction is the fundamental objective in the acute phase. The progression and development of the disease are not the same for all individuals and it varies mostly from individual to individual. Signs of psychosis can become obvious either slowly or abruptly. (Reuters Health)

In approximately one-third of the people suffering from the disease, the progress is quite steady as the problems progress from the first incidence. In others, schizophrenia appears in a serious of abrupt incidences and is followed by reduction.  About 30% of the patients go into complete remission, with women more likely to go into remission then men.

Antipsychotic medications mean those extensively used in the United States, including the phenothiazines, butyrophenones, thioxanthenes to name a few. Their general mode of action is to block dopamine.

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