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Is this quantitative or qualitative research study and explain the rationale?

This was a quantitative research study as patients are evaluated as it was a prospective randomized study and a large number of patients were needed. In addition, dependent and independent variables have been pointed out by the authors of the article. Independent variable was a degree of rotation. While the dependent variable was VAP, lobar atelectasis, intrapulmonary shunting, ICU length of stay, and duration of mechanical ventilation. The effect of Kinetic therapy is being evaluated in the study and the test would show whether it was effective or not.

What is the research problem?
Although the idea of turning patients to avoid and prevent respiratory problems is not a new one, however, there has been no adequate research to either prove or reject this. Kinetic therapy or systematic mechanical rotation of patients with 40° turns may perhaps make better pulmonary function. Therefore the article seeks to investigate whether, in fact, the kinetic therapy is effective or not both medically and financially.

What is the research problem?
The authors are evaluating two things, first, the question is that if the patients who are on ventilation and who tolerate kinetic therapy show better pulmonary performance or those who are on ventilators and get the standard treatment. The second objective of the research is to find out the cost-effectiveness of the Kinetic therapy.

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